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Welcome to company Jan Nemec


We work on European market since begin of 90ies. The core of our business is the import of flowers and plants in Czech Republic. During last few years we have expanded a field of our activity in following directions:

-          rent of different kind of machineries for construction;

-          import and distribution of building materials.


For our further development and expansion we search for partners outside the European Community which are interested in teamwork in following directions:

-          import/ export/ re-export of flowers, plants accessories for them;

-          import/ export/ re-export of fruits and vegetables;

-          import/ export/ re-export of agrarian products.


We offer the following structure of cooperation:

-          exclusive representative/ agent;

-          joint-venture.


For successful teamwork it is also offered:

-          own warehouse, the area is 6000 square meters;

-          own refrigerators the area is 200 square meters;

-          own loading and unloading mechanisms;

-          own cargo motor-vehicle pool;

-          skilled personnel, which have good knowledge of Czech and European market;

-          moreover, we offer services in the field of marketing research of the markets of West and East Europe.




- Our company is situated in central of Europe, Teplice, Czech Republic on the border with the Germany, five km. It is closed to Poland, Austria and Slovak Republic. Our location gives us good opportunities to re-export in countries of Eastern Europe.


- Due to our central location in Europe we can offer fast, cheap and efficient logistical and distributional solutions;


- Czech Republic is in category of countries with low labour costs;


- Own warehouse, refrigerators, loading and unloading mechanisms and cargo motor-vehicle pool guarantee low initial expenses;


- We are professional team who together use its experience, motivation and knowledge in order to fulfil your goals.


We will be glad to answer all your questions and we will be pleased to cooperate with you in the future.


Our contact e-mail is: